Buy Neuherbs Amla Juice For Better Immunity And Digestion

by Neuherbs
Published: May 28, 2021 (1 year ago)

Amazing Health Benefits of Amla Juice

It can relieve cold

Amla juice is a reservoir of vitamin C, which helps relieve a cold and runny nose. It has been found that vitamin C in amla is absorbed more easily by the body as compared to the vitamin C supplements available in the market. Amla Juice Online Shopping

It helps boost immunity

As per Ayurveda, amla juice has antibacterial, antiviral and astringent properties, all of which help in boosting the immune system. It is believed that amla helps in increasing the white blood cell count of the body, thus improving immunity Health.

It can protect the body from oxidative damage

Amla juice is rich in antioxidants, which help in relieving the free radicals present in the body. Free radicals can result in cell death and damage different vital organs. Amla can both prevent and repair this damage.