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by linstr
Published: May 31, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

Keymacro is an ANSI-C99 compatible replacement for the common `keypress’ character input facilities found in popular applications such as Lotus 123.
Its main function is to replace the use of the `vk_printf’ function calls by the use of the `keypress’ character input methods. However, since its main goal is to provide a great alternative to `keypress’ methods, a great number of other features have been added to make it one of the most powerful and versatile alternatives to the `keypress’ function call.
The features include:
* A very powerful and intelligent autocompletion facility
* A configurable customisable auto-complete interface
* ANSI-C99 compliant
* Simple and intuitive syntax
* A very powerful automatic style analysis facility
* A fully multi-threaded / multi-processing core
* Large variety of supported input modes including:
– Keystroke: Hitting keys on the keyboard (such as ALT+F, Page Up, Page Down, etc.)
– Media playback: Hitting key combinations when playing audio and/or video files, or when using multimedia applications such as Windows Media Player.
– Customizable keyboard focus: The ability to define how the program should respond when the user of the program focusses on a certain control. For example, if the user focusses on the input field, he can press a key to enter the data.
* Multithreaded: Simple threading support
* Multiprocessor support: Support for multiple core processors and threads on one core
* User defined callbacks for events
* Customizable error handling
* Optional support for Unicode input and output, including comprehensive error reporting
* Optional support for Unicode user input
* Optional support for Unicode output
* Optional support for checking for bounding box checks (not all core functions support this)
* Optional support for checking for empty strings
* Optional support for testing for a particular format, such as checking for number input, text input or date input
* Optional support for setting the character encoding (UTF-8 is supported)
* Optional support for setting the locale
* Optional support for ASCII range checking
* Optional support for determining the number of characters a string contains
* Optional support for determining whether a string contains a string or not
* Optional support for determining if a string contains at least one digit
* Optional support for case-insensitive comparison of strings
* Optional support for case-insensitive 70238732e0

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KEYMACRO allows you to rotate DLL of any open projects and create the new panoramas. All operations are carried out on the mouse right button. And there is a built-in editor which allows you to add, remove or edit the objects.
Required libraries:
1.the Microsoft MultiMedia SDK 2.0 or better
3.the standard Windows libraries (C+, C++, and the operating system)
Additional information:
-You can install at any time additional libraries.
-All external dependencies are automatically included in the DLL.
-You can set the default display mode (bi-linear or mono) at the beginning of the program, including in the main program.
-It supports the following types of files: JPG, JPGX, BMP, BMP2, BMP4, PNG, TIF, GEM, RAW.
-It supports WMV and M4V video formats.
-Note: the images with frame rate equal to 50 fps are not supported in the preview mode.
-You can modify the image in order to change the brightness, saturation, contrast, and gamma.
-You can copy the pictures of the panorama to the clipboard or save to the disk.
Note: you can install the viewer with the directory containing the library. Also, it is possible to compile the software manually without the library.
For usage instructions, please check “WIKI”.
Installation instructions:
1.Read “Readme” and “WIKI”.
2.Put dll in directory with the name of “panoramic_dll”.
3.Set the path of the directory where the library exists. In the Options.
4.Start application and enjoy!
Usage instructions:
1.Put all panoramas into the directory containing the library.
2.Open the program and click on “Load” button.
3.Select the directory with your panorama file.
4.Click on “open” button.
5.Change the display mode in the “Options” menu.
6.Click “Update” button and wait until the panorama has been finished loading.
7.Click on “Load” button and enjoy!
Supported formats:
Supported video formats: