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Published: May 30, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

KeyM2R is a Key Macro Record tool for MPEG-2 transport streams. This tool can be used for recording and deleting key macros in TS streams.
DemuxToy Lite Description:
DemuxToy Lite is a tool for analyzing MPEG-2 transport streams. It can handle various container formats (including TS, MPG, TRP, TSR, ISOBMFF, OGM, DVB-M2T, VTT, AVC etc.) and can also work with TS that has been cleaned.
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Visual Studio 2017 – “Clean solution” produces directory with lowercase base name

I’m trying to keep my project structure consistent by using a standard directory structure.
I’ve currently got a structure like this:
– Project
— App
— Models
— etc.

Where App is a dummy project, Models and etc. are projects I’m working on. I’ve noticed that every time I run the Clean Solution command on this structure, I get the following directory structure:
– Project
— app
— models
— etc.

What’s confusing me is that this behavior is specific to lowercase-based directories and isn’t apparent in uppercase directories. The only way I can reproduce it is to run “Clean Solution” from a VS 2017 command prompt.
This is incredibly annoying, and I can’t find any information online about what’s causing it or how I might prevent it.
Any ideas?


This is a known issue with VS2017. The fix is here.

Open the Visual Studio Installer.
In the Select Features pane, select the Visual Studio Installer item and click Modify.
In the Updates pane, select all the relevant Updates, click Install, and then click Close.
Restart Visual Studio.

You might want to go back and download the previous version (15.9) for a clean slate.

A top-performing member of House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) demanded an inquiry into Facebook over the use of Facebook data analytics, including to influence elections.

Speaking to Brian Wilson of the Daily Caller on Tuesday, Nunes said, “The data used in the analysis should have been sourced from a non-Russian political data company.

“It should have been cleaned of Russian data,” said Nunes.

“I believe it’ 70238732e0

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Part of the Comparison and Charts Package Suite, the Microsoft Excel Charts & Graphs template allows you to quickly create bar, line, pie and other charts from your data. You can generate standard Excel charts from raw data, modify existing charts, and save a variety of graphs and charts as Microsoft Visio or Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
Easy to use:
– Adjust the size, location and layout of your charts easily and without extensive training.
– Chart Styles:
With a wide range of styles available, including area, bar, line, column, pie and stacked bar, you can quickly and easily compare numbers. Simply choose your chart style and click on the chart type to generate the chart you need.
Data and charts:
– You can select your raw data or data imported from other Excel worksheets in the same workbook.
– Add error bars to your chart if your data is not clean.
– Add trend lines and smoothen your data in chart.
– You can use up to 64 tables in the workbook.
– You can save your charts as Visio or PDF files.
Charts can be filtered for visible, print, or visibility to the public.
Data charts can be saved as Visio and PDF files.
All charts and graphs can be saved as Visio or PDF files.
Comparisons and charts:
– If you import the Excel file, you can compare data and find differences between worksheets.
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Functions and formulas:
– You can copy, paste, and sort your data.
– You can select data from more than one worksheet in the same workbook.
– You can format dates and times in different languages.
– You can use Excel functions to filter or analyze your data.
– Add trend lines and smoothen your data.
– You can create pie, bar, line, area, bar, and other charts.
– You can add error bars to your chart if your data is not clean.
– You can use up to 64 tables in the workbook.
– You can use any Excel formula to change the values in your data.