Tulsi Immunity Booster, Wild Tulsi Immunity Drops.

by Aman
Published: May 11, 2021 (1 year ago)

Either tea or kadha, we people always love to add tulsi leaves- “The Healthy Elixir of Life” in our day-to-day beverages, to add more immune power to it. It is an ancient belief that tulsi is a blessing magical herb from our mother earth and Ayurveda says that tulsi maintains wellness if included in lifestyle, with its tremendous health benefits, protecting us from frequent seasonal illnesses, and enhancing vitality.

Strengthens Immunity

Being rich in potent antioxidants & antimicrobial properties, tulsi works as a natural herbal immune functions enhancer, keeping you protected & safe from frequent illnesses, while boosting your immune power to the ultimate level. Best Tulsi Drops for Immunity

Better Purification

Fighting with the impurities you are getting from unhealthy foods, pollution & human activities, tulsi helps in cleansing and purification by protecting against natural toxins produced within the body.

Improves Respiratory Health

Tulsi has amazing anti-inflammatory effects that helps reduce inflammation in sore throat and helps get relieve from seasonal cough and cold in an easy and convenient way.

Enhances Vitality

Tulsi works as a great stress manager that helps maintain normal bodily functions, responsible for happiness & energy. While boosting your metabolism it helps reduce stress & anxiety, making it an ideal concoction for your true well-being.