What are the High Demand occupations of British Columbia?

British Columbia is one of the best provinces of Canada with a high stand of living and good career opportunities. It selects and nominates appellants based on the labor market demand and the economic development opportunities.  

There are different streams through which the applicants can apply for provincial Nomination in British Columbia. The stream for skilled workers helps professionals from other professions like management, technical, trade to relocate with ease. 

What are the eligibility requirements for skilled workers in British Columbia 2021?

The applicant who wishes to qualify for the provincial nomination in British Columbia needs to meet the following requirements –

  • The candidates should have a full-time job offer in an intermediate occupation from an eligible BC employer. The occupation should also be categorized under NOC  Skill level O, A, or B
  • The applicants who are qualified should be able to perform job duties as per the employment requirement
  • The candidate needs to have a minimum of two weeks of work experience directly related to the occupation.
  • The applicant should be able to support themselves  and also their accompanying members
  • The NOC Skill level B occupation candidates should meet the minimum language requirements 
  • The candidates need to have a decent wage rate for the occupation.

How can a skilled worker apply for Immigration?

The Skilled workers can start the application process by creating the Profile online and register under the BC PNP online system.  The high-scoring candidate is issued invites through the BC PNP system.

British Columbia Occupation in Demand List 2021

The occupations in demand in British Columbia are as follows:

  • NOC 0621 – Retail and Wholesale trade managers
  • NOC 0631 – Restaurants and food service managers
  • NOC 0013 – Senior managers – financial, communications, and another business service
  • NOC 0714 – facility Operation and maintenance managers
  • NOC 0213 – Computer and Information System Managers
  • NOC 0111 – financial managers
  • NOC 0601 – Corporate Sales managers
  • NOC 0122 -banking, credit, and other investment managers
  • NOC 0016 – Senior managers – construction, transportation, production, and utilities
  • NOC 0124 –Advertising, marketing, and public relations manager
  • NOC 0012 – Senior manager – trade, broadcasting, and other services
  • NOC 0121 – Insurance, real estate, and financial brokerage managers
  • NOC 0621 – Retail and wholesale trade managers
  • NOC 0821 – Managers in Agriculture
  • NOC 0712 – Homebuilding and renovation managers
  • NOC 0631 – Accommodation service managers
  • NOC 0114 – Other administrative service managers
  • NOC 0423- Managers in Social community and correctional services
  • NOC 0112 – Human resource managers
  • NOC 0014 – Senior managers – health, education, social and community service and membership organizations
  • NOC 0125 – Other Business service managers
  • NOC 0651 –Manager in customer and personal service
  • NOC 0422 – School principals and administrators of elementary and secondary education
  • NOC 0113 – purchasing managers
  • NOC 0421 –Administrators – post-secondary education and vocational training
  • NOC 0012 –Senior government managers and officials
  • NOC 0513 – Recreation, Sports, and fitness programs, and service directors
  • NOC 0512 – Managers – publishing, motion pictures, broadcasting, and performing arts
  • NOC 0912 – Utility mangers
  • NOC 0212 – Architecture and science managers